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E-commerce solutions

Based on Aimeos

Flexible and integratable components

Flexible and integrable e-commerce

Our solutions are build upon the Aimeos e-commerce components, modular and flexible software parts that are highly configurable. Each component itself consists of various parts that can be reordered, replaced, removed, new ones added or all of them dynamically extended.

The components can be integrated into any PHP application or framework and are already available for e.g. TYPO3, Laravel, Symfony, SlimPHP or Flow. Whether your business profits from a direct CMS integration or you need full control over any detail by using a framework: The Aimeos components offer the exact same functionality on every platform.

You can even move between applications and frameworks while keeping your e-commerce data and knowledge. This leads to an enormous flexibility and this enables you building any kind e-commerce application, not only online shops.

High performance and scalability

Aimeos has been build with performance in mind and offers response times down to 40ms without any kind of full page cache. It remains fast even on high numbers of page views generated by e.g. advertising campaigns.

From one product to several million, the e-commerce components scale well for a wide range of product numbers. You can start with a small, stand-alone hosting package and Aimeos can scale along with your business success to a large distributed system.

You can not only scale the front-end by added new web server but also the backend by splitting up the database or moving parts of your data to document oriented systems like ElasticSearch or SOLR.

High performance and scalability
3. generation e-commerce

Perfect integration into your ecosystem

Each company is different and there's specialized software available supporting you in an optimal way. For example, companies from various industry segments doesn't have the same requirements to their ERP, CRM, DMS (document management systems) and other systems.

Solutions built on Aimeos enable you to choose the best suitable systems for your needs or to keep your existing ones. It's able to integrate into almost any kind of existing system by offering interfaces as well the ability to embed external data sources directly into your online store.

You can even utilize data from your existing shop software in soft-migration scenarios.