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Aimeos Extensions

From the experts

Our Aimeos extensions

  • Come along with a 30 days money back guarantee
  • Contain e-mail installation support
  • Include support and updates for up to five years
  • Are available as composer package


VAT calculation and ID check

Aimeos extension for calculating VAT based on the billing address country. You can configure one or more countries where VAT is always added to the bill as well as countries where VAT is only added if no valid VAT ID is entered.

EU VAT IDs are checked online via the VIES service and all others offline based on the structure of the VAT ID. It contains rules for all countries that use VAT IDs.

This extension is essential for B2B and cross-country commerce. It's also required for mixed B2C/B2B shops to calculate prices without VAT.

from 1 € 169.00 + VAT
from 1 € 169.00 + VAT
from 1 € 253.00 + VAT
from 1 € 338.00 + VAT
from 1 € 422.00 + VAT
from 1 € 507.00 + VAT
  • Duration


Customer or customer group specific items

This extension is necessary for offering specific products or prices to single customers or different customer groups.

Moreover, you are able to limit categories and delivery/payment options to different customer or customer groups.

It is also possible to show additional texts, images and attributes to logged in users.

from 1 € 249.00 + VAT
from 1 € 249.00 + VAT
from 1 € 373.00 + VAT
from 1 € 498.00 + VAT
from 1 € 622.00 + VAT
from 1 € 747.00 + VAT
  • Duration


Market places and complex B2B/B2C requirements

The extension enables you to build your own market place. Merchants can manage products within their own area while customers can buy products from different merchants within one order.

You can also create online shops for resellers of your own products within one centrally managed Aimeos instance. Each reseller can add e.g. own prices and use a custom design for their area.

It's also suited to handle complex B2B/B2C requirements like multiple portals with different product sortiments or prices whose data is inherited from a common base.

from 1 € 1490.00 + VAT
from 1 € 1490.00 + VAT
from 1 € 2235.00 + VAT
from 1 € 2980.00 + VAT
from 1 € 3725.00 + VAT
from 1 € 4470.00 + VAT
  • Duration